My initial thoughts on this new approach are that we desire self-reliant FCPs and beneficiaries who can meet their own needs in the long term. This will require, among other things, mobilizing Compassion staff to meet FCP needs in a different, and perhaps a more empowering way than we have done in the past, as we work with/through Church Facing Teams (CFTs) made up of National Office staff other than just the PF. Additionally, CFTs will promote a “Developmental mindset” which includes, among other things, not doing for FCPs what they can do for themselves. Cultivating a developmental mindset may take some time but should be viewed as planting a tree; it takes some watering and pruning. Over time, this is what will make our desired long-term effect on the FCP - “greater church ownership, capacity and resources, … [increased] ability of churches to sustain their own ministry with children and families in need” to be actualized.