Emotional intelligence strengthens mental and emotional health and is central to building healthy relationships. In this online course, you will explore the Principles of Emotional Intelligence from a biblical perspective and learn practical ways to apply them in your life and relationships.

thumbnailThe Supplemental Curriculum (3-5 Year Old) is a set of resources designed to accompany Compassion International’s Global Resource Curricula (GRC) to provide a rich, interactive learning experience for caregivers and children ages 3-5, with age appropriate and developmentally integrated curriculum.

In this online course, you will find specific directions and tools for how to implement a learning center methodology. Directed specifically towards the tutor or implementer, this resource provides instructions and suggestions that will facilitate the learning outlined in the curriculum units. 

title slideWelcome to Terry Talks, Toxic Stress! In this course, you will learn about toxic stress and how it affects children. Most importantly, you will learn how to help prevent toxic stress, building strong resilient children.

First, watch Terry’s video about toxic stress. Next, work through Parts 1, 2 and 3, which will help you better understand and practice what you have learned from the video. Finally, review what you’ve learned in a short quiz.

Hopeful little girlMy Plan for Tomorrow is a curriculum for students ages 13 through young adult designed to open the eyes and hearts of youth living in poverty to the truth that God has a "hope and a future” planned for them. Take this online course to learn how to teach the My Plan for Tomorrow course and begin giving the gift of HOPE of children in your community!

Teacher in front of class of kids"Child, Church and Mission provides a biblical perspective on children, poverty, and holistic child development, and thoughts on the relationships between holistic child development and the ministries of the church. The course is designed to help the Church reach, equip, and empower children so that they can maximize their transformational impact for many generations.