There are still my mysteries about the human brain but ks how it works about researchers have uncovered a number of interesting facts works how it wore adult..
The human brain is composed of approximately 75% water as well as fat and protein.
The average weight of new born human infant brain is about 350 to 400 grams, that means it grows to four times its originals size from infancy to adult hood.
Recently estimates suggest that the average adult brain contains approximately 86 billions,nerve cells,also called neurons.Neurons are the messengers in our brains carrying information and communicating with our sensory organs our muscles and each other.
Recent research has shown that the belief that there are 10 glial cells for every one neuron is false. The ratio is closer to 1:1. Glial cells make up approximately half of the brain and spinal cord, though this ratio can vary from one spot to the next.
The brain It Requires a Lot of Energy to Function
While it represents only about 2 percent of the body's total weight, the brain requires about 20 percent of the body's oxygen and 25 percent of the body's glucose.