It is our role as a church to give chidren a conducive environment to learn and play.
Pray with them and show them extra care. Teach them that God loves them the more.
We need to get deep into these children's lives and get to know what they go through even out side the development centres
and ouside the church. We can only acheive this when we speak positively to the children, identify with themand assure them that all is well and we are ready to help them.
Be available for the children whenever they need you. Teach them to be open whenever there is a problem by leting them know that you can help them.
Show the children that you believe them and let the, also build trust in you. This will help the children to always talk to you whenever they are facing challenges and you can be able to help them out.
Teach them to always report any cases of abuse against them and once they report to you, please make sure that the issue is handled. This is one way of building trust among children since they are sure that once they run to you, they will get help.

What have you done to buidl confidence and trust among the children?
Are you available for them when they need you?
Are you able to identify with the children?

God Bless you.